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Education programme for Transgenders in Kerala

Updated On 2016-10-26 14:21:33 Exclusive

The effort of a group of transgender people to lift their community members from the depths of despair and uncertain future through education, has met with obstacles.

Trans India Foundation, an organization formed by six transgender people, envisaged the project 'Sanathana' to impart a residential form of equivalent education to transsexual people, who are school dropouts.

"We have approached around 50 people, including religious organizations, to get a space for running the school. But no one was ready to give us space on rent alleging we are into flesh trade," said Vijayaraja Mallika, a transgender who was expelled from job after revealing her "sexuality". "We plan to give education to 10 transgender people, in the first phase," she said.

The aim of the project is to ensure security, salvation and sustainable existence for transsexual people. Training in life skills, personality development and oration will also be imparted to students. The course will be based on the curriculum of the state literacy mission and equivalent to classes VII, X and XII.

A survey conducted among 25,000 transgender people in the state had shown that 58% of them could not complete school education. "If our community members are educationally empowered, they can find a job and sustain themselves," said Mallika.

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