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Gurgaon students to get milk along with their mid-day meals

Updated On 2016-07-29 09:44:38 Exclusive

Students in Classes 1 to VIII of all government schools will get 200 ml milk every day along with the mid-day meals. The scheme is a part of the government's policy to meet nutritional needs of school-going children.

The direction has come from Haryana Minister of State for Cooperation, Printing and Stationery and Urban Local Bodies Manish Kumar Grover.

Unveiling 'Swaran Jayanti Bal Dudh Yojana' on Wednesday in Chandigarh, Grover said, The department will prepare milk powder at the milk plants in Sirsa and Jind which would be supplied to all government schools. The scheme will be rolled out on November 1 in the entire state.

Interestingly, the milk would be prepared with different flavours such as chocolate and vanilla, to name a few.

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