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India ranks 24th in QS HESSR 2016

Updated On 2016-05-26 09:55:08 Exclusive

India bags 24th position out of 50 in the QS World Higher Education System Strength Rankings (HESSR) 2016. Indian institutions has scored 60.9 out of 100. While the US topped the list with 100 marks, the second place is occupied by the UK with 98.5 marks. Germany takes the third place with a score of 94. The rankings in the list are an aggregate of the ranks given to countries in four categories - system strength, flagships, access and economic context. All these categories are combined with equal weightage to give the overall rankings.

The system strength category calculates the score given to each country by dividing the number of institutions it has in 700 or above QS World Ranking with their average position in the list. In the system strength category, the top two rankings are shared by US and UK respectively, with India at rank 20. The flagship category is calculated based on the highest ranking institution in the country and India was ranked at the 26th position where US, UK and Switzerland have secured the top three rankings.

The access category calculates the number of top 500 universities in a given place divided by an indicator of the population size of that country. India was ranked at the 42nd position in this category. The final category is economic context which analyses the investment in education by the country by comparing the financial health of the nation to its performance in the QS World Ranking. This category assesses impact of national investment in higher education. India did well in this category, as it was awarded the fourth place.

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