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MBBS counseling

Updated On 2015-06-16 12:36:10 Exclusive

The  admission for medical students are  processing  for  the current batch of this year and 4,679 class 12  toppers students  of previous year have joined the race for MBBS seats. About 70 students from the current batch had moved the Madras high court in this regard last week and won an innocuous order saying participation of previous year students was 'subject to the outcome' of the case.'

Tamil Nadu government has 17 years as minimum age for MBBS counselling, but there is neither upper age limit nor the number of attempts at MBBS counselling. While there are only about 2,200 medical seats on offer at counselling, a large number of the 4,679 previous students are set to steal a march over the fresh batch students. "Almost 50% of the seats on offer will go to them, making it difficult for 2014-15 students. This certainly is not a level playing field," said an advocate familiar with the brewing battle.

A unique group of 46 students who were eligible for an MBBS seat last year but were rejected as they were aged below 17 years by a few days/weeks, will also join the rat race this time around. "We have received 31,525 applications that are eligible this year, for 2,257 seats. 4,679 students from the previous batches will be participating in the medical counselling this year," said director of medical education Dr S Geethalakshmi for the record.

News source:timesofindia.indiatimes

Img source:The Hindu


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