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Provide free education to all

Updated On 2015-07-21 11:11:01 Exclusive

The Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF) urged the Government to take steps for providing free and quality education from KG to postgraduate level to create an efficient youth force.

A resolution to this effect was adopted at the district conference of the TNSF held in the city on Sunday. Another resolution demanded starting of pre-KG classes in all the Government and aided schools in the State under the Right to Education Act.

The meeting urged the Centre not to allow foreign universities to set their foot in India. The intrusion of foreign universities was not in the interest of the country’s younger generation. This concept would in no way help improve the education scenario in India. The meeting also discussed the mixing of effluents in the Yercaud tank and urged the Government to check this.

A large number of households sans individual toilets. The Government should stop providing subsidies and freebies to weaker sections, and instead should allot the funds for the construction of individual toilets in the households.

The meeting also adopted resolutions to put an end to adulteration in packed food items, and also to re-lay all the roads which are in a poor condition in the city and other parts of the district.Yercaud B. S. Elango, district president of the Tamil Nadu Science Forum, presided. S. Subramanian, State secretary of the TNSF, P. Sahasranamam, State executive committee member, V. Ramamoorthy, district secretary, and Balu Saravanan, district treasurer, spoke. The new office-bearers were elected on the occasion.

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