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Wings to open Pre-School Centre

Updated On 2016-03-25 10:23:51 Exclusive

Wings Learning Centres has announced the launch of its Pre-School centre at Banashankari in Bangalore. The pre-school aims at equipping students with basic educational skills in Mathematics and English.

The organisation, currently running an After School Programme in 20 centres across Bangalore and Kolkata, wherein students from 1st to 5th standard, are improving core skills through personalised attention from trained teachers and self-paced learning programmes on tablets, supported by Zaya Learning Labs.

To mark the inauguration session the organisation had conducted several events at the new centre. The event featured a presentation from nutritionist, Divya Srinivas about the importance of early childhood nutrition.

The interactive session provided an insight on the vitamins and nutrients children need at each stage of their development, as well as tips and tricks for feeding picky eaters, and how to model healthy habits.

The nutrition talk was followed by a brief introduction to Little Wings, after which parents were invited to ask questions or complete an enquiry form for more information.

Wings Learning Centres is an organization that is dedicated to bringing quality, affordable education in India. The unique and innovative approach emphasises critical thinking, creativity, and blended learning techniques in education.

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