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Women’s Day 2016: Pranab Mukherjee to present Nari Shakti Awards

Updated On 2016-03-08 09:42:12 Exclusive

On this day, let us redouble our efforts for achieving gender equity and empowerment of women said President Pranab Mukherjee..

International Women’s Day is being celebrated today as governments, NGOs and other organisations across the globe observe International Women’s Day on the 8th of March every year to highlight the achievements of women while calling for greater equality. This year’s theme for the Day is “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality”. The United Nations observance today will reflect on how to accelerate the 2030 Agenda, building momentum for the effective implementation of the new Sustainable Development Goals.

It will equally focus on new commitments under UN Women’s Step It Up initiative, and other existing commitments on gender equality, women’s empowerment and women’s human rights.President Pranab Mukherjee will give away Nari Shakti Awards at Rashtrapati Bhawan today. In his message on the eve of the International Women’s Day, he extended warm greetings and good wishes to the women of India and thanked them for their contributions over the years in the building of our nation.

The President said that women have always been given the highest level of respect in our country. He added, “on this day, let us redouble our efforts for achieving gender equity and empowerment of women.” The President emphasized the need to respect the right of women to equal opportunities and a dignified life. He said, “we have a collective responsibility to create an ecosystem that ensures the safety, security and dignity of women in society”.

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